Flores Partidas

Da Poesia

Flores Partidas
E corações.
Assim é a vida conjugal.
Mas a cada flor que parte
Duas nascem.
No círculo virtuoso
da vida conjugal.


Do Cálculo

Qual é o limite do amor quando ele tende a infinito?
Pelas regras do cálculo, aparentemente, é e elevado a flor:


Infinite Sky

Infinite Sky,
Lord of all,
Take me by the hand.
I surrender to thou mystery.

One gets tired
Trying to pretend
Your laws to comprehend.

As if you were a puzzle waiting to be solved.

But now I know I know not who you are.
Your shadows need not light to be created,
For your wonders go beyond definitions.
Our science doesn't reach yours.
We don't share a common language.

I'm stuck in time,
You're broader than it.
I see a line,
But than I see,
That you and me,
And all the rest,
Are part of something else.

The indefinable place
That is bigger than all space.


Capitalism in a Week

        If Capitalism started on a Sunday and ended on a Saturday,
    What would it be like?
    The idea of this project is to retell Capitalism’s History as if it had only lasted a week. Therefore, if the Enclosure happened on Sunday, the Industrial Revolution would be on a Monday. Adam Smith’s masterpiece would have been written Tuesday, Marx’s criticism of capitalism would have been written on Wednesday. Thursday would see Europe’s battle for Africa, the Imperialism. Friday, instead of a relaxing day, would be the day when the World Wars happened. And finally, Saturday, would be  the day when the Cold War frightened the world.

     Check it out at my Prezi's Website: