Twist and Cry

Thank you sister for sharing your heart,
For staying and leaving yet living with us.
I now declare we belong to outer us.
Our souls crashed, our ideas spoke to each other,
Our deepest fears mellowed in an ocean of tears.
Why was I crying? Wasn’t I just telling you a story about this sweet boy?
And how I wanted to become part of his family, for I have not my own,
And how I feared they wouldn’t find me special, like a teenager overthinking his first date?
Why were you crying? And holding me so strong? You never broke anyone’s heart, sister.
You are just one of a kind, you leave a deep impression and leave. River of what ifs.
Don’t feel bad for being so great, don’t feel sad when people don’t realize
One can’t live one’s life in disguise. 
Pretend there is no sameness to cope,
Pretend that all change isn’t just the hope 
That we will live forever.

Thank you darling for showing that part that everyone is trying to hide.
For speaking your heart and listening mine, 
For twisting hips together at savassi-brooklin,
For writing your first sweet song and letting me play along,
For fixing my lyrics and many overwhelming ideas that haunt me.
Anytime at all, all you’ve got to do is call and I’ll be there,
Either saying some cheesy-sexy crap, shall you need laugh
Or listening and crying along, when you long the idea of home.

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