(1 - 6) Robinson Crusoe in the Economics Island

Audiobook: http://www.booksshouldbefree.com/book/robinson-crusoe-written-anew-for-children-by-james-baldwin

Notes on Robinson Crusoe, Chapters 1 through 6.

Amazing story, I can't wait to read the next chapters.
Everything happens very fast...
From a boy in old York who wanted to be a sailor to a grown man cast away in a strange island!
Does he regret not listening to his parents?
It's hard to answer to this question. He is probably scared now, seeing all his mates are dead. But, still, I don't think he regrets; after all he wanted to be a sailor and a sailor he has become!
We will have to continue reading the book so we can answer to that question, but we have already seen that Robinson is a very brave man, so I think he will figure out how to survive at this island. 

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