(7 - 11) Protestantism, Labour and Salvation

Notes on Robinson Crusoe, Chapters  7 through 11.

Robinson sat down and cried like a baby, after all he was a human being,
not a robot. But he soon held his tears and started thinking about the wild  
animals that could be near him. If Robinson had kept crying and complaining
about his situation, he could have died that first night, but, instead of
lamenting, he was smart enough to climb a tree and spend a sound night.

In the next morning the main subject of the book finally appears:
Labour and Salvation.

Robinson soon finds out that only hard work will keep him alive on this
Island. The relation Labour / Salvation, portrayed by Protestantism, is key to
Robinson’s  survival on the island. On his second day, Robinson has to work a
lot in order to build a raft and bring food and some other things from the ship to
the shore. He manages to bring everything ashore and, all his sweat will
definitely pay off sooner or later.

We already knew that Robinson is a brave man. Now we have found
out that he is a very clever and patient man as well. Will these skills be enough
to keep him alive?

He has guns, powder, food, clothes, tools, courage and brains, what else
does he need to survive in such a wild environment?

Perhaps some luck?

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