Sleep Tight

I want to live
I want to die
I want to go
Where angels guide

Someday I will fly
But not today
Today I will stay
Within my sway

Lost and found
We've always been
A sweet true love
Perhaps a dream

For all is true
Is fantasy
Hence all not true
Not worthwhile

I wish that we
Could reconcile
Yet not today
It cannot be

Perhaps it's not
Supposed to be
At least for now
Or hundred years

Yet there is a bond
I can't deny
Which leads me straight
Up to your heart

And sure I'll see
You everyday
Although you'll be
So far away

So sleep tight love
As every night
You've done all
The last years so bright

Sun will always
Shine for you
And wake you from
Your sweet curfew

I'll miss you so
That's all I say
But life's like this
There is no replay

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