Can you vivisect a moral agent?

Homo Economist,
Let's make a deal.
You say your model
Need not be real.
For agents act
As if they behaved
In such and such fashion,
Thus morals are vain.

I take your claim,
My friend Eco,
And respect your game,
Are we friend or foe?
Though one point need be
I did not get
Where morals lie.

We come full circle,
You explain again.
I'm just trouble minded
And can't understand.
Plausible, neat and wrong,
That's what it seems,
Yet it is quite hard
To discuss the seams.

So what's the deal?
Are you ready to talk?
Tell me why should one worship
Your method as God.
Religion disguises in so many forms
And sticking to dogmas is one of its norms.
But meet me half way on this sweet coffee-shop,
I know you make more, but we'll split up the cost.

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