The essentials quest

Open wide your eyes.
Are you looking at the big picture?
Think twice.
Take off the clothes that won't let you breathe.
Now you are naked
And can see through
The prejudices which lie inside.
You are walking with eyes closed
And yet see more than ever,
You look inside,
Stare at your very nature
Wishing you could be,
When your eyes are wide open,
What you really are,
With eyes quite shut.

2 comentários:

  1. Very very good! I guess this explains the expression "open-minded".

  2. The devil is that with our eyes quite shut we never really know if what we see is but our gaze itself – reflected on our mind imagining itself. Yet how could we possibly see with open eyes, when we cannot even see the light we emit? Perhaps the old saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is true, and perhaps we are but to choose the mirrors which please us best. And will the eyes ever be able to see themselves, or can they only stare at them? Yet, then again, there are much more than two eyes to be shut – and I do guess your anxiety has got more to do with these other apparatuses of vision. And with our incapacity of putting them to the use we'd wish to, ought to... or at least could.