Cat and Mouse

Who are you? Someone knocked three times on my thoughts and made me shiver like the day before.

Was it you? Something crawled my back up to the neck, it grabbed my hair, and said some words.

Two-face girl, who next am I gonna see if in two days I saw two different lights?
First it hit you on the street and, from that angle, you looked sweet,
Then it hit you on the whole and you looked like I don’t even know.

All I know is that I need more yesterdays, to get distracted, the day after, for a minute, feel that shiver-replay.

And if you would, girl from the hood, help me get rid of this heavy hat pressing my head, I know you could.

Just go downhill until you see the street where the river used to be, there you’ll find the whole of me

Waiting since the day before, hoping that you won’t forget you are supposed to come and free me from that hat.

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