Curly Girl

Intro ( G - A - F - E - C - B )

G - C
Babe, I’m about to explode, You should have told me how you work.

Half kiss, guess it’s enough, find you sexy, wanna have you, but I’ll keep you for desert.

Curly girl, your hair is twisting my mind, Don’t mind waiting, I’m just saying when you’re mine you’ll twist all night.

Oh really? Now you wanna compete? If you think I am a rookie guess the last guy I just beat?

Come on hon, I don’t care who you’re with. I just wanna have my share, I won’t be jealous or a bitch.  

G - C - D - D# - D
Ok, let me think just a bit. To be honest I don’t know if I can keep up with all this.

Say what???

G - C - D - D# - D

Just saying even if you’re the best, when I get my hands all over you it will be so much mess.

G - C
So what? Who said more mess is worse?

Say what???   

What if we could figure out a way to clean the dirt and go

Intro ( G - A - F - E - C - B )

No clue what you mean  /  Shut the fuck up and sing with me:

Come with me let’s go
To this place unknown
Promise you’ll have fun
Least I’ll make you smile

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